Episode 1:

A project, A Friendship

So here's what happened, out of the blue I get an e-mail asking for a quotation for a web project called "Condesa", a couple of rustic villas in privileged Villa de Leyva, Colombia. It all started with a skype meeting, the project went smoothly til we finally met in person in Barcelona eight months later. Ana Maria (the lady behind Condesa & Co.) and I are now very good friends. We skype whenever we can and catch up. She is a big part of my life now. And that's what I pursue, every project I take is a personal journey for both me and the client.

Art Direction, Web

Condesa & Co. | Alojamiento con Encanto

This is one of my beloved adventures to date. We worked online for months til we got the chance to meet in person in Barcelona. I remember how excited I was when I booked the flight. I got there at 7 am, Ana Maria gave me all the details to get to her brother's place, she had to make that trip for some personal issues and was staying there. We met there and went to a Santagloria Bakery across the street. I took out my notes and was about to start the meeting when she said to me. Stop!, first things first, ┬┐How are you? I smiled and relaxed and we shared our stories. We then worked til almost midnight, it was lovely.