Episode 2:

The Process of printing


It's 2014 and I'm back in my city. I met with my very good friend Adriana, we worked together at her family's company, Proceso Gráfico. She called me and asked for a video, and everything started there, we usually met at the shop and then made a tour. I got the chance to see some old co-workers, it was nice. Since we had no deadline the project evolved naturally, I went several times to both shops, in Monterrey and Guadalupe, so I got all the images I wanted.

Art Direction, Photography, Video, Web

Proceso Gráfico

I love the process of printing, all the noise of the machines, its rhythm. The smell, the staff. As I revisited the place I got a little nostalgic about that time, when I worked there.
That place was home. I rememmber I used to get there early, make a run to the proof department check every detail. I went back and forth from the office to the shop across the street to get samples. It was pretty hectic, but fun, I was younger, I was driven.